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GB WhatsApp V9.65

GB WhatsApp V9.65 Download APK – Say Goodbye to Glitches and Bugs

GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK – The GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK was launched not too long ago and you really should go ahead and download it. This time, the Yo WA R&D team has concentrated on just one thing in order to give users a better experience – improving the success rate of GB WhatsApp V9.65 anti-ban to 99% – which is enough to make all GB WhatsApp’ ‘s loyal fans into a frenzy.

This news is tantamount to a bombshell and means that when using GB WhatsApp V9.65, no one has to worry about their WhatsApp account being banned anymore. So the old accusation that GB WhatsApp is insecure doesn’t hold water, and GB WhatsApp has proven its potential with one update after another. Now, we can consider GB WhatsApp V9.65 to be the most perfect of all versions.

What’s new in GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK

  1. Enhance anti-ban to maximum
  2. Allow temporarily banned accounts to install GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK

The first addition is exciting enough, but I bet there are just as many people who want to know how GB WhatsApp V9.65 allows accounts that have been temporarily blocked to download the GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK and use it. The following has everything you are curious about:

  • First, make sure that your WhatsApp data is backed up
  • Find the file on your Android system and click on media.
  • Rename your WhatsApp file according to the following rules. e.g. I am going to download GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK, so I will change the name of the existing WhatsApp file to com.gbwhatsapp
AppFile Name
FM WhatsAppcom.fmwhatsapp
GB WhatsAppcom.gbwhatsapp
Yo WhatsAppcom.yowhatsapp
  • uninstall the downloaded WhatsApp or any mods of WhatsApp
  • Click here to download GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK and install it
  • Once you have installed GB WhatsApp V9.65 APK, do not rush to log in to your WhatsApp account yet. You need to delete the new com.gbwhatsapp folder that appears in the documentation and keep the old folder that we changed the name of before.
  • After that, you can follow the steps and instructions to open the downloaded GB WhatsApp V9.65 and use it. You will see that the temporary block has been lifted!

The Bottom Line

Needless to say, the launch of GB WhatsApp V9.65 gives great hope to those who need to worry about their accounts being blocked or have already been blocked. If you are in need of GB WhatsApp V9.65, there is nothing to think twice about! Download it early and feel the power of GB WhatsApp V9.65!

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