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How to Send Stickers on GB WhatsApp?

How to Send Stickers on GB WhatsApp?

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In the past, people used to express their emotions and what they were saying through face-to-face conversations, various hand gestures, and voice calls. With the increasing popularity and rise of the internet and social media, people tend to use more light-hearted and humorous ways to express their emotions, such as emojis and GIFs.

Due to the massive demand from users, there have been some new upgrades to funnier forms of expression, they are a mixture of emojis and GIFs, creating WhatsApp stickers. GBWhatsApp users are no exception and the software has many more types of stickers than the official software. This step-by-step guide is to tell you how to send stickers on GB WhatsApp.

Send Various Stickers on GB WhatsApp

In the official GB WhatsApp, you can only use a very small number of stickers, if you want to use more you have to download and favourite them in the interface. But GB WhatsApp doesn’t require such tedious steps to simply use the huge amount of stickers for a long time.

The GB WhatsApp version includes the same stickers, but in a more simplified and substantial way than the official WhatsApp app. Inside the official app, you just get a few of them, and later, you are asked to download and bookmark them in the interface. But we offer you more than just instant gratification, we offer the long-term enjoyment of GB WhatsApp stickers.

There’s also a smarter tip when you type Thanks, Hi…, and Sorry, it will automatically suggest cute stickers to replace the simple text descriptions. Type in the last letter and the software interface gets over 500 vibrant stickers. This is not possible with the current official WhatsApp.

No external download is required, follow the steps below to get the professional stickers for GB WhatsApp:

  • Step 1. Click on our GB WhatsApp official download button to download the package and open the GBWhatsApp APK to install the software on your device.
  • Step 2. Create a new WhatsApp account or verify an old one on GB WhatsApp.
  • Step 3. Open the chat history of the contact you want to share a sticker with on the main page of the app.
  • Step 4. Click on the Emoji icon in the bottom right corner and open the emoji menu.
  • Step 5. Two different columns should appear at the bottom of the software, Emojis and GIFs, and Stickers will suddenly appear.
  • Step 6. Now you just need to click on the sticker icon and press the “+” option.


With the user in mind, the GB WhatsApp library contains up to 500+ stickers in animated, simple, and cool styles. Surprisingly, it also provides you with a search icon to help you search quickly find your favourite sticker packs such as Doraemon, Peaky Blinders, and Money Heist. Let’s download GB WhatsApp latest version to start using the cool stickers!

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