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Transferring WhatsApp From One Version to Another: Keeping Your Chats Safe (for example: Yo WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp)

GB WhatsApp is a new version of the popular messaging app that protects your data from third parties as well as offering more features that the original app does not offer. the R&D team of GB WhatsApp has made it available for free for Android devices. As a result, a very large number of GB WhatsApp users have used the original WhatsApp and were curious as to whether they could migrate their data from the original WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp.

Transferring WhatsApp from one version to another

The answer is yes! It doesn’t matter if you want to transfer data between the original WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, or if you want to transfer data between different mods of WhatsApp, all these can be done. This data is so important to everyone that it is impossible to throw it away. the official R&D team of GB WhatsApp has given the latest version of this solution to address this concern of the majority of users, and this guide will help you understand how to transfer data between different WhatsApps right away!

Essential information for transferring data:

Transferring data between different WhatsApps is actually very simple and only requires you to easily change the name of the folder. But you need to know two main pieces of complete information:

  • Firstly, to transfer your current data in full, you must know what app you are using and the app version number (for example, I am using Yo WhatsApp V9.62)

Tips: The name of your current version can be found by going to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Manage apps > Select an app

  • Next, you need to know the name of the new app you want to download and its installation package (e.g. I want to download GB WhatsApp V9.62).

Once this has been done, we can start transferring data between the different WhatsApps

Step-by-step guide to transferring data

  1. Take a backup of the settings WA From Yo WhatsApp.
  2. Go to files, then to file: Android/media/. You will find a file named com.yowhatsapp, You rename it to com.gbwhatsapp (assuming you want to transfer data from Yo WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp)
  3. Then you go inside the file, you will find a file with the name of the WhatsApp that we were using (Yo WhatsApp) We rename it to the new WhatsApp name (GB WhatsApp). And the path will become: /Android/media/com.gbwhatsapp/GB WhatsApp/. At this point you have succeeded.
  4. Log in to the new version of GB WhatsApp. You will find that all the data is still saved!


In different versions of Android, different WhatsApp folder names may be displayed differently from the example given above. Therefore, the official team has summarised some common mods for WhatsApp and their corresponding folder names.

Android 11+: In file Android/media/

App NameFolder Names

Android (5-10): In internal memory:

App NameFolder Names

If you’re using an Android version between 5 and 10, you don’t have to change any files in Android/media. Instead, you can simply change the name of a file in your device’s internal memory.

This is all the official information on how to transfer data between different WhatsApps. We hope that after reading this you will be able to master this useful skill. With this skill, you will not only be able to download and use any mod you want, but you won’t have to worry about losing your data again. For those of you who are old-fashioned and don’t want to lose important evidence, what are you waiting for!

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