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No More GB WhatsApp Calls: How to Turn Them Off Without Blocking a Contact

There are times when we really dislike GB WhatsApp Calls, or for some people, they dread hearing GB WhatsApp calls ring and only accept text chats. But that doesn’t mean we want to block anyone! We just want to stay quiet and chat to our friends instead of talking out loud. In these situations we really need urgent measures to turn off GB WhatsApp Calls to save us from being frustrated or dreaded. To address these difficulties, we have launched this article. We hope it will help those of you who are having the same troubles.

No More GB WhatsApp Calls

Method 1: This method is set up directly from GB WhatsApp and does not require any changes to your phone settings

  1. Open GB WhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select ‘Settings’ and find the option ‘Privacy’
  3. After clicking on ‘Privacy’, swipe the screen until you find the option ‘Calls’
  4. You can either turn off ‘Show calls’ or turn off ‘Show notification’ so that you can filter the GB WhatsApp Calls that are made to you!

Of course, if you choose to turn off Show calls, then only GB WhatsApp Calls will not be showed; but if you turn off Show notification, all GB WhatsApp notifications will not be showed. So you can choose the setting that suits your needs.

Method 2: This method requires changing your phone settings instead of GB WhatsApp Settings

  1. Find the downloaded app GB WhatsApp in your phone ‘settings’ and click on it
  2. Find the ‘Notifications’ option, click on it and you will see the option ‘Allow notifications’.
  3. All you need to do at this point is to turn off the allowed notifications

Once you have done this, your phone will not show any GB WhatsApp notifications, including GB WhatsApp Calls! This feature is a match made in heaven for people with severe messaging anxiety.

Method 3: This method is ideal for users who only need to temporarily ignore GB WhatsApp Calls. For example, let’s say you are in a meeting and don’t want to be disturbed. Then you can just turn on your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode! A very quick and all-round way for mobile phone fans!

This article provides three different ways to turn off GB WhatsApp Calls, you can choose any one or a combination of them depending on your needs. In conclusion, disabling GB WhatsApp calls is a straightforward process that does not require blocking a contact. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can turn off the feature and avoid receiving unwanted calls. Remember that blocking a contact should always be the last resort when dealing with unwanted calls or messages. By utilizing the built-in options provided by the app, you can maintain a healthy relationship with your contacts while ensuring that you only receive the calls and messages you want.

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